How much money will I save?

Not only will you save money but you if you produce more electricity than you use, it goes into the power grid and the power company credits you.

*Some utilities will pay for excess generation while others don’t, please verify the utility guidelines for your home with your rep.

Energy Savings

With using solar you can save 50%-90% monthly producing your own energy.

Tax Savings

The Federal Government pays for 31% of the total cost of going solar and the State of Arizona rewards you with a $1,000 tax credit.

Solar Benefits

How’s it work?

When sunlight (photons) hits the silicon in the photovoltaic cells, it knocks electrons free from the atoms, creating a flow of electricity. The panels comprise anywhere from 32 to 96 cells that are all linked together in one panel. Then each panel is linked together and that electricity is fed to the homeowner’s electrical panel. Electricity, from solar power is completely renewable and green.

The Red Lion Process

Our mission is to help make your transition to solar easy. Here is our process from start to install.

Free Consult

We will determine your energy needs and provide you with an estimate.  During the discovery process we will answer any questions you have to make sure this is a stress free, enjoyable experience.

System Design

We will do an assessment of your roof and our solar energy design team will create a custom system to fit your home and your needs.

Permitting and Installation

We will handle all utility and city applications and permitting for you. Most solar projects are installed in one day, our install times are some of the fastest in the industry!